Distributor Gas Medis Rumah Sakit di Buluk Lamongan Jawa Timur

Mencari Distributor Gas Medis Rumah Sakit, Hubungi NANA PERMANA 08161468306. Profesional dan Terpercaya.

Perusahaan Kami Melayani Pemasangan Instalasi Gas Medis Sebagai Berikut:


PT. Medika Permana Cipta


PT. Medika Permana Cipta


PT. Medika Permana Cipta

  1. Melayani Konsultasi Gas Medis
  2. Melayani Pemasangan Instalasi Gas Medis
  3. Melayani Servis Maintenance Gas Medis
  4. Menyediakan Sparepart dan Asessoris Gas Medis

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  • Dear Sirs,
    We are a company specializing in Medical Gas Pipeline Systems and medical equipment: designing, manufacturing, installation, service and assembly trainings. We offer the complete range of equipment from our own manufactured stock, supply now 90% of Polish market and export to different countries in EU and outside EU. We manufacture among others:
    bed head units – the widest range in Central Europe
    ceiling pendants (rigid, multi movement, lifting)
    bridge type medical supply units
    wall terminal units
    medical gas outlets and plugs
    IV poles
    catheters buckets
    wound care products carriers and other accessories.
    We also offer LED lamp mounted on medical rails and operating lamps and tables.
    We are very interested in cooperation with your company regarding Asia Pacific Region.
    We will be exhibiting at Hospital Expo – Jakarta this October (19th – 22nd) at Polish Embassy booth (HB 219), there will be perhaps one or two more Polish companies exhibiting.
    Should you be interested in having a meeting with our Board President and myself we will warmly welcome you at our booth. If you will not be exhibiting there we could come to your office or meet at other requested place in Jakarta.
    We’ll have the catalogues of our production with us and 2-3 sample units to show you some examples of manufactured devices. We believe that this meeting will mark the beginning of cooperation between our companies.
    I would very much appreciate your reply.
    Thank you.

    Best regards
    Magdalena Baszak
    General Manager

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